Interaction Design


Over my four months at IDEO I enganged in multiple projects in varying capacity. There were four main threads and three smaller ones. My time there had a huge impact on my understanding of my field of work.

The work shown here is a very small subset that includes only the digital concepts that I have the persmission to exhibit.
Project Giggle:
The project explored designing an in-patient experience at a children's hopital with a heavy focus on enabling joy and facilitating ease for both patients and staff.

Assited in developing in-person research and creating conversation tools to use during it.
Participated in in-person research and the synthesis of it.
Conceptualized parts of patient rooms and interactions within specific linear experiences.
Project Dawn:
This was an organizational design research project that hoped to define problems and provide concepts to solve them at a reproductive healthcare non-profit.

Assited in designing and making a workshop with a range of employees at the organizations. This included making posters, presentations and other interactioce research materiels to gather insights.
Synthesized the insights to create principles for the next phases of research and implementation.
Iterated on technological tools that could be used as interventions within the organization.
Future Shop:
This was a solo project to design an internal website for a global team at IDEO. The goal was to explore the digital identity of the Future Shop so anyone both interanlly and externally could understand it's capabilities and learn about the projects/people involved.

I designed the full website from start to finish following a standard process with moodboarding, critique sessions, iteration, etc.
Project Cabana:
The goal of this project was to create a specifiction for an interactive wall at an Art Museum.

Made simple storyboards of conepts selected by the client.
Defined nuances in the finalized design of the interactive wall that used capacitive touch nameplates and proximity sensors.
Project Flywheel:
A brand strategy, business design and digital design project assist a startup attempting to create humanistic AI and autonomous trucking.

Iterated on digital design for presentations, websites and product.
Org Design:
Designed and made a new website for an existing internal toolkit for organizational design within IDEO.